Tuesday, April 16, 2013

my search engine (omnibox) has been replaced by webwebweb search

since yesterday I have noticed something very stranged:
each time i use the omnibox as a research engine I have got an answer from a strange site webwebweb search ,it is mentionned powered by google but it is not. I have tried to see If it possible to uninstall this but I cant. Even in the defautpage :there is no such engine but only google engine which does not work. So I suspect a Malware. the adress which appear instead of google is ; http://search.webwebweb.com
thanks for help

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1 comment:

Profreeman said...

Its the Video Downloader that is the issue. If you click the Video downloader icon, a drop down list appears, where you can untick 'Use WebWebWeb as default search.
by unticking this, it solved my issue