Saturday, January 21, 2012

(Google Chrome Group) AVG Safe Search

Hi all,

I am using AVG 2012 Free Edition as my anti virus program. Recently, AVG executed an automatic update, which caused my default search program to switch from Google to a tool called AVG Security Search (a search engine provided by the anti virus program). I undid the change in the Chrome Options menu (reset Google as default). Unfortunately, as I thought it was necessary, I also uninstalled the Chrome extension "AVG Safe Search". Without that extension, according to my knowledge, I am not able to get safety marks (green ticks) provided by AVG next to my google search results anymore. 

Now, in order to get the safety marks back I wanted to reinstall the AVG Safe Search extension. Problem is, it cannot be found anymore. I searched in any way I could think of in the Chrome Web Store. How is this possible and how can I get the extension???!!!
I did already uninstall and reinstall AVG Free, that did not work either. The extension is still missing.
Thanks for the help in advance,


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